SVEI, Mysore

Mr. M N Krishna Swamy, Principal It is an excellent program for Tennis talent identification and further development program. It gives opportunity to all children to enhance their skills. It can be easily introduced to all children and children enjoy playing this sport.
Parents This is a lovely sport as it helps in the child growth, both physically and mentally and one day My son becomes strong to face anything in his future.
Mr.M.N. Krishna Swamy, Principal, in Tennis action on the Mini Tennis Courts. Mr.M.N. Krishna Swamy, Principal,Addressing the gathering.
Mr. M.J. Charan, Director, Free Mount Sports,Addressing the School Children of SVEI, Mysore. Ms. K.D. Girija – P ET, Mr. M.J. Charan, Director, Free Mount Sports, Mr.M.N. Krishna Swamy, Principal,
Mrs. Shobha Rajashekar, Mrs Nagalaxmi , with group of children.